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Offering unique and newest technology, engineering, architecture, arts and mathematics courses to our children.

To enlighten and engage children to master and apply STEAM and innovate. Teaching children skills and knowledge and shaping their mind and soft skills to pursue innovation.

STEAM and Tech education develops not only maths, coding and robot building skills but also logical thinking, problem solving skill and creativity. These soft skills are hardly developed by other training, but these can greatly enhance student’s understanding and learning results in their core school subjects.

Courses :
Robotics (age 3-5)
Coding (age 3-5)
STEAM Park (age 3-5)
Introduction to Robotics (age 5-8)
Little Architect (age 6-8)
Game Coding (age 6-9)
Adventure in Robotics (age 8-12)
APP Coding (age 9-12)
Little Architect (age 9-12)

9/7 - 17/8
2 days per week, 2 hours per day

Time Table

Parent & Baby Yoga

Instructor: Ms. Yayoi Ito

Instructor: Ms. Yayoi Ito (Yoga Alliance 200RYT certification, Bliss Baby pre natal and post natal yoga certified teacher, Birthlight Baby Yoga Certified Teacher and Radiant Child Yoga Certified Teacher.)

Baby yoga combines the benefits of touch, movement, and relaxation. It stimulates the senses, and integrates movement and rhythm, which help baby's developmental progression. It helps the baby learn shortcuts that aid their coordination and smooths transitions between developmental milestones. And because it is all focused around loving interaction, it helps their brain develop security, well-being, and happy neural pathways at important developmental stages.


Story telling, Interaction, Q&A, Mini games, Intrinsic motivation, Creation, Presentation and Sharing.

Arts & Craft

Encourage our little artist by teaching them painting, drawing, scrapbooking, photography and more.